Mexico City Foods is taking nixtamal to the next level!

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January 31, 2017
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November 22, 2017

Introducing our new NIXTAMAL INFUSIONS line.

We take our authentic nixtamal masa and infuse it with high quality ingredients, resulting in unique, authentic, Mexican flavours.

We make our products with 100% Australian corn, using the ancient Mexican method of Nixtamalization, whereby the corn is gently cooked in an alkaline solution, rested overnight, washed by hand, and ground using genuine Mexican volcanic stones. This process produces a high-quality masa, which we use as a base for all our nixtamal products. While the corn remains the star of the show, the addition of our unique flavour blends, makes our NIXTAMAL INFUSIONS line unlike anything you have ever tasted!

Our NIXTAMAL INFUSIONS line includes:

Mexican Chocolate Tortilla Chips

Inspired by Champurrado, a traditional Mexican hot chocolate drink, thickened with nixtamal masa.

Mexican Chocolate Nixtamal Tortilla Chips 300g

We start with our unique nixtamal masa, which we infuse with a delicate mix of dark cocoa, cinnamon and piloncillo (dark sugar). Finished with a light sprinkling of cinnamon-sugar, the delicate flavour is reminiscent of the famous Mexican hot chocolate and renders the perfect base for all your delicious Mexican dessert creations.


Jalapeño blend Tortillas and Tortilla Chips

Mexican food, the world over, is synonymous with jalapeño.

6 inch Jalapeño Tortillas – 36 pack

We start with our unique nixtamal masa, which we infuse with our Jalapeño blend before kneading and cutting into tortillas. The tortillas are baked in our specialized oven, resulting in a beautifully green tortilla with a fresh, subtly spicy taste.

We also cut this same masa into mini tortillas which become our Jalapeño tortilla chips, which will boost the look and taste of all your dishes and dip with a colourful look.

Chipotle blend Tortillas and Tortilla Chips

Take a jalapeño and smoke it, and you are left with the ever-popular Chipotle.

Chipotle Nixtamal Round Tortilla Chips – Box – 12 X 180g

Again starting with our nixtamal masa, we infuse it with our special chipotle mix, shape it into tortillas and then bake it in our specialized oven. The same masa is also used to make delicious mini tortilla-shaped chips. The magical smokey mixture gives the tortillas and tortilla chips a beautiful, radiant, red colour.

The earthy, smokey flavour of chipotle will blend perfectly with all your culinary creations, or simply enjoy as the perfect side to any dish.


Try our new NIXTAMAL INFUSIONS line today and let your culinary imagination fly!